About Us

Our History

Founded in 1995, Aldar Alkabira is a leading Jordanian trading company head quartered in Amman, Jordan, one of the companies of Hatem Zoubi Electric Group, Aldar Alkabira works in the field of importing and trading a wide range of home electrical appliances, Switches and Sockets and Led lighting products.

Our commitment is to introduce new technologies in the world of electrical appliances and lighting as well as innovative products that resonate in the lives of customers, consumers and all concerned parties throughout the Kingdom.

Our Value


  • We work professionally, care about quality, appreciate loyalty and do not accept less than this level of performance.
  • We adopt high standards in providing high quality to all our customers
  • We are constantly developing our knowledge and professional capabilities to maintain the competencies required to deliver high quality products.
  • We are keen to introduce the latest technology in the industry to reach the highest possible quality.
  • We consider that cleanliness of the environment is the pillar of progress and public health, so we pay the greatest attention.


  • Enjoy work and success together by consolidating professional relationships in a friendly and positive way.
  • We treat everyone with the respect and appreciation we like to treat.


  • We are passionate about our business and committed to meeting the needs of our changing customers.
  • Form work trends in everything we do and work passionately to put the future in the hands of our customers in a field characterized by high technology and speed of change.


  • Deal – Communicate clearly and simply.
  • We are always clear and easy to understand.
  • We seek to satisfy our customers in the most simple and convenient ways.
  • We are committed to ensuring the highest level of efficiency in all our ways to make sure we are working smoothly and efficiently.
  • We speak simply and clearly about what we do and we are careful to do what we say.


  • We believe in our role in creating a better reality for our society.
  • We are proud that we are a responsible company keen on the public benefit.
  • The goal of the social responsibility program is to give our society, providing a sense of hope and showing the human aspect of our priorities.
  • Social responsibility is an integral part of the planning strategy and daily activities.

Our Aim

With increasing of local and international completion, it’s a huge challenge for a small or medium sized company to develop its turnover and expand of its client base.

With this in mind, Aldar Alkabira offers its customer the following:

New technology in the world of lighting and house hold appliances.
Access to a team of expert marketers.
Stylish and attractive designs.
High quality products.

Our Partners

Our partners are some of the most experienced manufacturing companies in the world

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